1. Each session is 50 minutes long with at least a 10 minute window between students. This allows me a few minutes to document each session or conference with parents as needed.
  2. In order to give each of my students the help he or she needs, it is important that I maintain a schedule. I request that each student comes at the same time each week and commits to one-month increments. Payment is due for the whole month at the first session of the month.  Missed payments will result in forfeiting your time slot.
  3. If you are aware that you cannot make a session, please notify me by phone or e-mail at least 24 hours in advance. I will do my best to reschedule the session, but I cannot guarantee that my schedule will allow me to be available at another date or time. The sooner I am aware of a scheduling conflict, the better the chances that I can work something out. Payment is still due for the entire month regardless of whether or not we are able to reschedule. It is important that students plan for tutoring every week at the same time. There will be no re-scheduling for “no-shows” or last minute cancellations.
  4. If I need to cancel a session for any reason, you will not be charged for that time. If I am not able to reschedule, you will not be charged for that time. If you have already paid, then you will receive a credit on the next month’s invoice.
  5. In order to best help each student, it is important that I am on the same page with the student, the parent, and the teacher. I will often call or e-mail the students’ teachers to get more information about what the students need to work on. Please let me know if you would rather I not contact your child’s teacher.